21st Birthday Party

Eastern fusion themed

Bianca’s 21st Party

Like a scene from a Bollywood blockbuster…

This is exactly what the Milnerton Town Hall looked like on October 8th when Bianca Marinus decided to celebrate her 21st birthday Party. Moroccan, Indian, Egyptian, Turkish where all the cultures infused, complete with the traditional cuisine, decor and beautiful song and dance.  Guests too joined in on the fun and came dressed in colourful Eastern wear. As they arrived they were greeted by the graceful moves of belly-dancers and escorted to their traditionally set-up tables to enjoy the rest of the evening.

As if everyone weren’t surprised enough, Bianca stylishly made her entrance and like the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was carried into the hall by four, also traditionally attired, men to her ‘throne’.

Everything about Bianca’s Eastern fusion themed party was extraordinary and Photofuzion once again made sure they were there to capture every moment of this most colourful event!

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  • posted at 9:49 pm
  • October 26, 2010